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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

City Council to Meet This Week!

The city council is meeting this week.  One of the items to be disucssed will be the chicken ordinance.  They are meeting Thursday the 17th at 7pm.  Please come to support this effort!  The planning commission passed it with 3-2 votes, I have heard there is opposition from the city police department. 

Here is a link to the agenda for Thursday's meeting:  Agenda

"Where ever chickens are outlawed only outlaws will have chickens!"

Update 3/24/2011

Brigham City has not yet posted minutes from the city council meeting on the 17th.  I have not heard if a decision has been made and when it will go into effect.  If anyone has an update, please post below!

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  1. See the next post for information that was published in the Box Elder News Journal on 3/30/11