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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fly Tying

My son likes to fly fish, he has tied his own flies for several years.  There is a growing trend among beauty shops of weaving feathers in to hair...  This has taken a dramatic hit on the feather industry which has traditionally supplied fly tying supply shops.  As the feathers are selling to the beauty shops for more money, fly tyers are finding their shops are short on feathers.  This has ruffled some feathers by sportsmen (pun intended).

Anyway, I thought I would share this with you just for fun...


Just so you know that I'm not making this up:

Steven Tyler Best Celebrity Feather Hair Extensions People picture

It looks like the newly approved ordinance made front page of the Box Elder News Journal!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Put On Your Party Hats!



Its official! Brigham City now allows residential chickens! City Planner, Mark Bradley says, "The Council approved the ordinance to allow chickens. We have prepared the application for the permit. It has not been posted on the web site yet. A copy can be picked up here at the office." Check the city's website in the future for the official code so you know what is required!

Mr. Bradley has supplied me with a PDF document that contains the permit application, the city ordinance and various articles giving helpful information for the chicken owner.  Click here to download the packet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Council Meeting Thursday 5/19/2011

Mark Bradley, Brigham City Planner will go before the commission to discuss amendments to the city code allowing residential chickens Thursday night 5/19. The agenda is available for viewing/download here. The meeting starts at 7pm, per the agenda, the chicken ordinance will be discussed approximately 7:55...keep in mind that is just a guide and it can be earlier or later. Below is the specific items as listed in the agenda:

7:55 1. Amendment to the following Titles and Chapters in the City Code to Allow "Keeping of Residential Chickens:"

• Title 29 Zoning, Chapter 29.12 Residential and Multiple Residential Districts to Include "Keeping of Residential Chickens"
• Title 29 Zoning, Chapter 29.05 Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations to Include Regulations Governing the Keeping of Residential Chickens, and Title 4 Animals and Fowl, Chapter 4.03 Licensure and Regulatory Permits to Reference "Keeping of Residential Chickens -Mark Bradley

I'm hoping when the items are presented and discussed it can go for a final vote and become official.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Salt Lake Screening of "Mad City Chickens"

As part of Chicken Week at Wasatch Community Gardens, "Mad City Chickens" will be shown in Salt Lake City at the Tower Theater (876 East 900 South) at 7pm on June 20.  I would like to see a screening here in Brigham city after the ordinance passes successfully as well...maybe at the theater at the Bear River Bird Refuge...I haven't discussed it with them but it would be a great venue!

Below is an article from the most recent issue of Hobby Farms 'Chickens!' Magazine, here is a link as well:


(Click on image of article to view original size)

Here are some youtube links of trailers for the film:

Clarification on Ordinance Approval

My appologies about my last post.  I spoke with Mark Bradley the Brigham City Planner about the minutes from that city council meeting.  He clarified what happened.  The 3-1 approval was to proceed with finishing the ordinance and have him come back for city council approval.  This will probably happen later this month (May).  Mr. Bradley will need to put the finishing touches on the ordinance and develop the registration form.  He felt it should pass with majority commission approval.