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Thursday, April 28, 2011

City Council Approval

A vote was taken and it passed 3 to 1!  The city council minutes look like they are from the March 17th meeting.  I posted what was listed in the Box Elder News Journal previously, but they didn't indicate a vote was taken.

The pertinant text is below.

Consideration to Allow Chickens in Residential Neighborhoods
Mr. Bradley approached the Council and explained that will affect two titles of the City Code – Title 29, Zoning, which would make reference to allow chickens in residential zones, and regulated in Title 4, Animals and Fowl. There would be a $10 permit fee that must be renewed every two years. If the Council agrees to proceed with this, Mr. Bradley will bring back an ordinance for approval.

Chief Tittensor stated that he is opposed to allowing chickens in residential neighborhoods, mainly because the Police Department is not equipped to enforce it. There is a $10 registration fee, but there are no penalties for not registering. Nor is there any penalty for having too many chickens. He was concerned what will happen if there is a chicken running at large, and where they will be placed if they are caught. Mayor Fife felt there should be some kind of penalty if citizens do not comply with the ordinance. Councilmember Ericson felt that citizens are going to have chickens whether there is an ordinance or not, so an ordinance will track them.

Councilmember Ericson made a motion stating that the Council supports the idea of an ordinance allowing and regulating chickens in residential zones, and requested staff to bring the ordinance back to the Council with regulations and penalties if the regulations are not enforced. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Jensen. Councilmember Ericson, Councilmember Jensen and Councilmember Marabella voted aye. Councilmember Vincent voted nay. The motion carried 3-1.

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  1. That's wonderful. I'm willing to pay the $10.00 for the free healthy eggs and bug eating birds.

    Thank you for the update!