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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Council Meeting Thursday 5/19/2011

Mark Bradley, Brigham City Planner will go before the commission to discuss amendments to the city code allowing residential chickens Thursday night 5/19. The agenda is available for viewing/download here. The meeting starts at 7pm, per the agenda, the chicken ordinance will be discussed approximately 7:55...keep in mind that is just a guide and it can be earlier or later. Below is the specific items as listed in the agenda:

7:55 1. Amendment to the following Titles and Chapters in the City Code to Allow "Keeping of Residential Chickens:"

• Title 29 Zoning, Chapter 29.12 Residential and Multiple Residential Districts to Include "Keeping of Residential Chickens"
• Title 29 Zoning, Chapter 29.05 Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations to Include Regulations Governing the Keeping of Residential Chickens, and Title 4 Animals and Fowl, Chapter 4.03 Licensure and Regulatory Permits to Reference "Keeping of Residential Chickens -Mark Bradley

I'm hoping when the items are presented and discussed it can go for a final vote and become official.

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