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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When I first made a home for my hens, I really liked the idea of a small moveable tractor.  Something that could be rotated around the garden or dragged up onto the lawn.  I made mine from scratch after looking at lots and lots of pictures.  I am not a builder so I tried to make it as easy as possible.  I built a simple A-Frame, put hardware cloth on 2/3 of it, and enclosed the other 1/3 for roosting and nesting.  On the rear, I attached a couple old large lawn mower wheels so I could pick up the front and drag more easily.   It was not real attractive but the hens never complained and gave me lots of eggs.   I like the idea of a portable coop (although I have changed to a stationary one that I find attractive and gives me easier accessibility to cleaning).  Since I like the idea of a moveable tractor, I wanted to share with you one I found online that seems attractive and very functional.  I haven't dealt with this company but their prices are on their website.  They have a couple different versions available depending on how many hens you have and how big you want it to be.

Go to http://www.eggcartn.com/ to see their selection.  They have a couple nice Youtube videos available that show their product in greater detail.

They seem pricey to me (but I'm pretty cheap), but their features seem pretty great.  I liked that they could be enclosed, that would help with our cold winters...but I would want to make sure they had some airflow to minimize fumes from droppings and build up of moist air which could lead to frostbit combs.

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