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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Not much going on in our coop these days, just a lot of feathers falling out.  The molt is on and they don't seem too happy about it. 

We've been cleaning out our gardens and raking up leaves.  It is a good time to mix some greens and browns in the run to let them break down and create some compost.  There is a method of composting called the "Deep Litter Method" that helps create heat for the hen house.  I have read articles by people who swear by it, I try to do it be able to add it to my gardens but I can't say that it creates much heat.  I just haven't verified it.  The theory is, chicken poop is full of nitrogen, the wood shavings are carbon, you need both to create compost.  What I don't see in the mix is some type of moisture which I have heard accelerates the process.  Oxygen is another component that microbes need to break down the materials so turning the mixture periodically will help.

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