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Monday, June 11, 2012

Change in Blog's Description

I have recently changed the description of this blog.  My thoughts being that since the city adopted a more chicken-friendly pet code which keeps many of us from being underground this blog has moved from advocating the change in the pet code to more of a support for those of us who either have or would like to have pet chickens.

Hopefully the resources posted on the right, along with insights I may have learned over the past few years will be helpful to those who visit.  I am grateful for the information I received from many websites as I undertook this project. 

In doing so, I have been very happy with chickens as pets.  The social dynamic that a flock has is very interesting.  They are rewarding pets each with different personalities.

   Olga is a White Crested Polish and one of my oldest hens.  Because of her breed she is a little more on the skittish side.  Also, since I didn't raise her from a chick she has other experiences in her life prior to coming to my house that may make her that way.  She did once get snatched by a neighbor's dog...when the dog came into our back yard.  She recovered and seems to talk more than she did before the incident.

Rosie (and Red) are Rhode Island Red hens and Rosie is also one of my oldest hens.  With the lack of any roosters she has taken on the role of protector.  She is an awesome 'mother hen' to the rest of the flock.  She is not a genetic mother to any of the other hens but she treats them very well.  When I bring out treats she will often take a treat, drop it, cluck, pick it up, drop it, cluck, pick it up...until the others come and then she lets them eat first.  When she feels everyone has had a fair chance, only then will she eat.
 Rosie and Red


  1. Thanks so much for your blog! After navigating the paper work and getting our permit we now have chicks! We are currently in the process of building what we call Chicken Palace! All of the neighbors have been very curious about it!

  2. Great! I need to figure out how to make it so people can post pictures, I would love to see what your palace looks like!

  3. By the way, check out the face book group as well...sometimes I post things there just because it is so darn easy.