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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aging Chickens

As far as chicken's lives go, I think mine have it pretty good.  Very slim chance of preditors, food, water, I am sure they would enjoy more free ranging than they get, but they get let out each afternoon, earlier on weekends and spend the time around the yard looking for things to eat and sitting in the shade or sun.

One of my oldest hens is my Polish.  I was quite surprised to have her laying so well this spring.  Polish hens aren't known for being prolific layers but getting 2-3 eggs per week made me happy.  She has slowed down as the weather has gotten warmer.

It has been interesting to see her resting in the yard and reminds me of old ladys you see that fall asleep in their chair while life moves on around them.  One moment, her head is up and she is looking around.

And the next moment, she has drifted off to sleep resting her head on the ground.

I don't know how long she'll live.  She was grown when I got her and we've had her since I started this chicken-keeping endeavor many years ago.

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