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Friday, July 6, 2012

National Fried Chicken Day is on Friday, July 6, 2012.

Today is National Fried Chicken Day!

My original intent on raising chickens was to raise them for about a year and slaughter and start over.  I wanted a cycle of eggs and meat and wanted the experience of providing a small portion of my own food from beginning to end (aside from my garden).  Well, needless to say, as soon as my family saw the hens, they became pets and were removed from the menu.  I wasn't too disappointed, I had pet chickens as a kid and found them to be a very rewarding pet. 
Sam, came and took a nap watching me fix a sprinkler.
Wheezy came and sat on my lap while working on sprinklers.

Despite my love for chickens and admiration for their beauty, entertainment value and companionship, I have no hesitation in consuming fried chicken.  I've commented to my wife before that if I ever lost self control, I could end up being the guy they found with a KFC bucket in his lap dead from over consumption of fried chicken.  It is not just KFC that would do it.  I enjoy fried chicken from almost any source!

Not my chicken coop, but I have always loved this design!

So, here we are in July, a perfect time to have a plate of the best potato salad ever (my wife's ...just ask anyone who has eaten it!) with some crispy, juicy pieces of fried chicken.  I eat it mine in the back yard to remind my hens who's in charge. :)

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